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romance novel best urdu novels Here is a list of ten best Urdu romantic novels that you can read online. Ten Urdu novels are considered romances and bestsellers, out of the thousands written in the language. The novels deal with many themes, such as heartwarming romances and family dramas.romance novel best urdu novels

Behta Darya by Amna Shafique

10 Best Urdu Romantic Novels

The book Behta Darya is a great social and romantic story by Amna Shafiq. In this story, the writer described the difficulties of love and gave the lesson of hope and struggle. There are many good Urdu romantic novels out there. Behta Darya is one of the best.

Be Rang Piya Romantic Novel by Amjad Javed

10 Best Urdu Romantic Novels

Bai Rang Pia by Amjad Javed is an Urdu romance novel based on the story of pure love, true love and tsafuf, a story of a young woman who finds the right path and achieves self-realization and leaves a trail of colour. World A wealthy young man who lives among the common people falls in love with a barren girl. To win her heart, he uses the right method and needs the right shade.. Be Rang Piya One of Best Urdu Form 10 Best Urdu Romantic Novels

Rooh E Ishq By Mishal Hassan

10 Best Urdu Romantic Novels

A novel by Mishal Hasan, called Romantic and Social, is about a love story between two people. It is a beautiful and heart-warming story, which is sure to touch your heart. Mishal Hassan is a new writer and her new novel is being written specifically for us. This novel is sure to grab your attention.. Rooh E Ishq One of Best Urdu Form 10 Best Urdu Romantic Novels

Pyar Ka Pehla Shehar by Mustansar Hussain Tarar

The novel Pyar Ka Pehla Shekhar is based on this book by Mustansar Husayn Tarar. It tells the love story of a Pakistani man who came to France on a tourist visa and fell in love with a French woman. But he soon realized that he would not live here. The story ends with a young girl dying in front of a young man. Pyar Ka Pehla Shehar One of Best Urdu Form 10 best Urdu Romantic Novels

Ishq Ki Pehli Barish By Samaa Chaudhary

Ishq Ki Pehli Barish by Sama Chaudhry completed Very popular social and romantic novel in Urdu. Ishq Ki Pehli Barish One of Best Urdu Form 10 best Urdu Romantic Novels

Bin Roye Ansoo

Bin Roy Ansu is a novel by Farhat Ishtiak, a Pakistani science fiction novel published in 2010. Publishing House. The story revolves around Saba Shafiq who is in love with her cousin Irtaza. But he treats her like a close friend, not a love interest. Irtaza then leaves for the United States for two years, where he meets and falls in love with his cousin, Saman Shafiq. Bin Roye Ansoo One of Best Urdu Form 10 best Urdu Romantic Novels

Dayar-e-Dil by Farhat Ishtiaq

Dayar-e-Dil is a novel by Farhat Ishtiaq of Pakistan, published in 2010. Dayar-e-Dil was originally published in Shuaa Digest as a complete novel category, followed by Mere Humdum Mere Dost. Dayar-e-Dil One of Best Urdu Form 10 best Urdu Romantic Novels

Pir-E-Kamil by Umera Ahmed

Pir-e-Kamil or Peer-e-Kamil is a novel by Pakistani writer Umera Ahmad, first published in Urdu in 2004 and later in English in 2011. Imama Hashim; and a boy named Salar Sikander with over IQ over 150. Pir-E-Kamil This One of Best Urdu Form 10 best Urdu Romantic Novels

Mohabbat-e-Kamil by Tayiba Tahir

Mohabbat e Kamil by Tayiba Tahir Mohabbat e Kamil is a story of family relationships and friendships. Each character in the novel has a beautiful picture in the story. Express the love and responsibility of your parents. parent-child relationships relationships between parents and many others Mohabbat-e-Kamil Book is One of Best Urdu Form 10 best Urdu Romantic Novels

Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu Written by Farhat Ishtiaq

The famous romantic novelist is also responsible for writing Mata E Jan Hai Tu. It is the story of a young couple studying at Columbia University in the United States who marry against the wishes of the child’s father. The boy’s father then estranged them from his family. However, a sudden twist of fate brings the girl face to face with the boy’s parents. She tries her best to win her hearts using her intelligence. The novel is full of emotions, especially in the second half of the novel.

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    Farhat Ishtiaq A. Jaan’s mother is a novelist It is a Urdu romantic social novel. It was published in A monthly summary. In recent years, Farhat Ishtiaq Appearing as a very good writer, she chooses a variety of subjects To write about. She writes mainly fiction and wrote Fantastic Urdu novels like Humsafar, Mata A Jaan Hai Tu, When your hand is not in the hand. If you to Read Online Urdu Novels And For Downloads Click Here