12 Best Books in Urdu  of All Time You Must Have to Read

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12 Best Books in Urdu of All Time You Must Have to Read Looking for the Best Urdu Romantic Novels to read throughout the year? Make your best choice in this article. Below are 12 best books in Urdu to satisfy your reading hunger. The Urdu Romans are a widespread craft in Pakistan. Many great Pakistani writers have written shortpers like never before. Reading is a way to learn and gain knowledge. 12 Best Books in Urdu  allow you to interact very well with history.

Reading is the best way to escape the monotony of everyday life. Below is a list of the best novels for your readers to enjoy.

12 Best Books in Urdu

Table of Contents

    1) Peer-e-Kamil Author Umera Ahmed

    PeereKamil is one of the iconic Urdu novels by Umera Ahmed. The novel is a must read. It was published in Shuaa Digest in 2004. The novel has readers from all over the world. The story revolves around the characters of Imama Hashmi and Salar Sikander. It is a story about a deviant sect of our society who does not believe in the finality of the Prophet (PBUH ). Umera Ahmed beautifully wrote this story by telling the tragic journey of the two unfortunate souls. Salaar is portrayed as a genius with a good IQ level, but with complex life-related problems. At the same time, Imamahasim is shown as a completely opposite girl. Both differ in terms of mental awakening. But fate meets them, Salar falls in love with Imama Hashim, and their lives change completely. One of Best Books From 12 Best Books in Urdu

    2) Namal by Nemrah Ahmed

    12 Best Books in Urdu

    Namal is another Urdu novel that is perfect for reading. The novel is based on Coran Sla Namal, which means ant. Therefore, the story emphasizes those who are considered to be the most vulnerable in society. The storyline is actually about a murder case, emphasizing the importance of money and its serious and evil nature in society. The novel revolves around intelligence officer Faris Gazi, and Namal is a profound story that combines brutal murder with insidious deception. Intelligence officer Faris Gazi has been convicted of murdering his brother-in-law and his wife. However, Faris Ghazi turned out not to be a real murderer. Nemeth Ahmed beautifully portrays her character in shades of gray, and people love her novels because they associate each of her novels with a religious awakening.One of Best Books From 12 Best Books in Urdu

    3) Aangan by Khadija Mastoor

    12 Best Books in Urdu

    Aangan is said to be a masterpiece of Khadija Mastoor. The novel was published in 1962. Angan is currently available in almost 13 languages ​​for his best story about the division of India. The novel deals with the background of the independence movement and political development. The
    story revolves around the characters of Cami, Aria, and Jamil. They belong to a prosperous family. However, the story has beautifully depicted the importance of women in developing a house.
    It shows how the country`s political situation has an impact on their family. After the death of their father, the family members sell the mansion, and their decline begins. Must read this amazing novel by Khadija mastoor.One of Best Books From 12 Best Books in Urdu

    4) Bagh o Bahar by Mir Amman Download

    Bagh o Bahar by Mir Aman Dehlvi is a fictional book he wrote on behalf of John Gilchrist at Fort William College. A collection of Amir Khusrow’s parables written in Persian in the early 13th century. This is a translated book. Before being translated into Urdu, it was popular in Persian for a long time under the name Qissae Chahar Darwish.
    After the publication of this story book,
    Bagho Bahar, fluent and simple formulation became the standard for Urdu prose for the first time. This story has valuable information about Asian customs, especially Delhi, which are very eloquently mentioned. It seems to be a natural material


    Shahab Nama is an Urdu autobiography with the aid of using famend Pakistani author and diplomat Qudrat Ullah Shahab. It is an eyewitness account of the history of the subcontinent`s Muslims’ independence motion and of the demand, status quo and the records of Pakistan

    6) Jannat kay Pattay by Nemrah Ahmed

    Jannat k Pattay is Nemrah Ahmed’s best novel. The story is a mixture of romance, emotion, suspense and mystery. The story of the novel revolves around the lives of the beautiful girls “Haya” and “Jahan Cicander”. The
    story is actually about Haya and her religious awakening. The modern and beautiful girl in her family turned out to be a hijab girl and received a lot of criticism from her family. She identifies the real reality of some men and society. The
    novel is a complete collection of emotions from start to finish. The mysterious story is enriched by the main underlying spiritual awakening, as seen in most of Nemura Ahmed’s novels.

    7) Abdullah by Hashim Nadeem

    This spiritual novel tells of Abdullah’s journey from Ishqe Majazi to Ishqe Haqeeqi. Sahir, later named Abdullah, is the main character in the story, and his love for Zofura completely changes his life. The story is about Sufiism and explains the true meaning of love. He belongs to a modern family where prayer is considered foreign. But Abdullah abandoned all these opportunities to find meaning in his life. The story explains that love is not just a combination of two bodies, but a soul. The novel contains Abdullah’s various spiritual journeys and is a must read.

    8) La-Hasil by Umera Ahmed

    La-Hasil is the various quality Pakistani novels in Urdu for novel lovers. It revolves across the lifestyles of a female who faces many hardships at the same time as developing up. All the hardships lead her to turn out to be a name female. However, her natural soul in no way time-honored that.
    The novel tells the cruel realities of this society and lifestyles. It explains that the in no way-finishing preference can’t fulfill the souls. Must study this terrific novel with the aid of using Umera Ahmed.

    9) Hamsafar by Farhat Ishtiaq

    The very popular novel Hamsafar by Farhat Ishtiaq is one of Pakistan’s best Urdu novels. A famous drama was shot in the novel of the same name. The story shows how selfishness, selfishness, and misunderstandings can lead to the collapse of relationships and families. The
    story is about Third, Asher, and Harlem (daughter ). Khird is the main character in the story and is the only child raised by her mother when her father died. Khird received the shocking news that his mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
    Her novel is full of twists when Khird marries her uncle Asher’s son. They face many difficulties in life, but they have patience and patience. The novel is a roller coaster of emotions and a must read.

    10) Aik Mohabbat Sau Afsanay

    The book Aik Mohabbat Sau Afsanay Pdf is a collection of several Urdu stories by Ashfaq Ahmad. In these stories, the author explained the difference between rumors and reality. One of his stories was dramatized and broadcast on PTV, gaining a wide audience.

    11) Udaas Naslain by Abdullah Hussain

    Everyone need to examine the first-class Urdu novel penned through Abdullah Hussain. There are 3 components to the novel. It narrates the time of the British Raj, the Indian Independence movement, and the partition of India.The tale revolves across the Muslim households of Roshan agha, Niaz Baig, and Ayaz Baig. Roshan agha belongs to a sturdy own circle of relatives with political influence. At the identical time, the own circle of relatives of Niaz and Ayaz Baig lives withinside the village of Roshanpur.Naeem, the son of Niaz Baig, receives into the military because the first global battle begins. After coming back, he joins politics after figuring out the injustice performed to Roshanpur.

    12) Mirat ul Uroos by deputy Nazeer Ahmed

    Mirat ul Uroos is every other staggering novel via way of means of deputy Nazeer Ahmed. The tale revolves across the essential characters, “Akbari” and “Asgari,” and their grandchildren. It suggests the distinction among the . Akbars granddaughter is smug but raised with love. Whereas the Asgaris granddaughter is portrayed because the entire opposite. Their grandsons fell in love with them and in the long run married them. The novel well-knownshows harsh situations that made them determine among forgiveness and faith.

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