Aab e Hayat Novel Pdf Download 1 of Best Novel by Umera Ahmed Pdf Free Download

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aab e hayat novel pdf download

aab e hayat novel pdf download Ab Hayat novel written by Umairah Ahmed. Ab Hayat Pir Kamil is the second part of the novel by Umairah Ahmed, one of the most read novelists of Sookistan. Romance Urdu Novel, Spiritual Fiction, Umaira Ahmed. Ab Hayat (Ab Hayat) is the most awaited, popular but controversial sequel of Umairah Ahmed’s most famous novel Pir Kamil. The story unfolds where he left off in his prequel on Monday.Ab Hayat is perhaps Pakistan’s most awaited novel since its extraordinary and life-changing prequel Pir Kamil. Aab e Hayat Novel Pdf Download This is the most inspiring story for our generation, which inspired, aroused interest and then changed the lives of many people. Ab Hayat is probably the best sequel to the best book, but this book is very different from Pir Kamil. This is a strange thing. Aab e Hayat Novel Pdf DownloadThe main idea of ​​the novel is based on the last sermon of the Holy Prophet. It tells how to live according to Islamic teachings. Umairah has also given answers to all the thirsty questions of Pir Kamil in Ab-e-Hayat, Aab e Hayat Novel Pdf Downloadsuch as the fate of Hashim family, life and method of Ahsan Saad etc. Both books are beautiful and epic. Surely this is a myth that touches the soul so much and moves the heart in such a way that you cannot stop the change taking place inside you.Aab e Hayat Novel Pdf Download

Aab e Hayat Novel Pdf Download

Umairah Ahmed is one of the most widely read and well-known Urdu fiction writers and screenwriters of the time. He did his Masters in English Literature from Murray College, Sialkot. She later became an English language lecturer for A and O level students at Army Public College Sialkot. However, he quit his job a few years later to focus on writing. He began his writing career in 1998 at a very young age. His early stories were published in the monthly Urdu Digest and later in the form of books. He has authored several books, including full novels and short stories. However, it was his novel “Perfect Monday” that made him famous. Below is a list of his novels and stories that are currently available in the Pakistan Virtual Library.

About Umera Ahmed

Umera Ahmed is a Pakistani writer, author and screenwriter. He is best known for his novels Shahr-e-Zaat, Pir-e-Kamil, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Alif, Door-e-Shahr, Dam, Man-o-Salwa, Quaid-e-Tanha, Digest. An author. Where was Mat, Kankar, Meri Jati Zara Benshan, Duraha and Sach Aab e Hayat Novel Pdf Download

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