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Free download Khadija Mastoor Angan PDF novel in Urdu or read it online. Summary and review The novel Khadija Mastoor Urdu is the best neighbor novel of Khadija Mastoor , where she seeks to show the social, political and economic crisis that occurred during the beam of India and Pakistan. The novel depicts real native life so that even though the story is a court story, this story is really from house to house. The urgency and decline of the Muslim community has been distorted. First, the story begins with a flashback and then to return to reality, the creator adds an original charm. The plot is based on the patio problems of a working-class Muslim family. The courtyard, limited to four partitions, has become the terrace of every house on the subcontinent. The storyline of this novel is so exuberant that no trivial context is allowed anywhere. The creator described each class of problems in their own language and pronunciation, which added to the richness of the book. This is the best novel ever written by Khadija Mastoor I believe that Angan, due to its authentic content, social truth, creative development and scholarly mindfulness, is a wonderful Urdu art novel, which has perpetuated Khadija Mastoor in the field of writing. “Dr. Aslam Azad Khadija Mastoor was one of the female Urdu writers who through her imaginative talent and creative knowledge raised the creative expectation of novel composition and significantly improved its direction. His masterpiece is the book “Angan”, in which he formally introduces himself to the encounters of life, while giving them extraordinary breadth and breadth with his power of innovation and deep understanding. In his novel, clear guidelines for progress in situations, the loss of obsolete ideas and new friendly problems are known. Khadija Mastur succeeded in the story. They depict contexts so that the political and social scenario associated with them comes to the fore. Their stories usually revolve around working class issues. These are not token or ordinary stories, although a wonderful combination of the two symbolizes untold stories. Their elements are broad and focus on social characteristics with a political and moral foundation. When he started composing, there was no model in front of him, he was imaginatively painting what he saw and felt. Khadija Mastoor is one of the most famous characters in Urdu scripture and is a famous Urdu writer and author from Pakistan. Khadija is famous in the field of writing for her brilliant angan, which we have also dramatized on television. In addition to her younger sister Hajra Masroor  , she has a younger brother, author and writer, artist, playwright and publisher Khalid Ahmed. Khadija’s father, Syed Tahir Ahmed Khan, was a British Army expert. He died of respiratory failure. After Pakistan gained independence in 1947, Khadija moved with her family to Lahore. Khadija Mastur was introduced to the world on December 11, 1927 at Balsa in Bareilly, British India. His father’s name was Dr. Tahir Ahmed Khan. He is an administrative colleague. Due to his work, he moved to different urban areas and cities, due to which he could not give adequate attention to the education and preparation of his children.
Khadija’s mother is Anwar Jahan, a woman who knows her information and most of her articles have been featured in various women’s magazines. Abstract models of the young people he saw were also brought into the world. Khadija’s father kicked the bucket at a young age, leaving her family in desperate waters. She stayed a long time in Bombay. After the package from India, she came to Pakistan and settled comfortably in Lahore. It should be noted here that the Khadija family was in a very difficult situation during the rehabilitation. Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi helped her in such a difficult time. In 1950, Khadija married Zaheer Babur, the nephew of a well-known journalist. Khadija led a very peaceful life after marriage. Many were particularly fascinated. The two looked at each other in disbelief.

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