Bagh novel By Abdullah Hussain Pdf Download

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Bagh novel By Abdullah Hussain

Book Name: Baagh Novel

Writer: Abdullah Hussain

Bagh novel By Abdullah Hussain Pdf Download

Abdullah Hussain is the author of Baagh Novel Pdf. It is a social and romantic story in which the author explains many social and moral issues. He criticizes human behavior. He also told the selfishness of the community. bagh novel by abdullah hussain

Abdullah Hussain is a famous name in Urdu poetry and novel writing. In his brilliant writing career, he has written some classic works that are treasure troves of Urdu literature. Moreover, he introduced some new practices that were followed by later ones. I hope you like Baagh Novel Pdf book and share it on social media with your friends.bagh novel by abdullah hussain

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Abdullah Hussain

His ancestors migrated from Bannu to Punjab. His father worked as a commodity appraiser and later became a farmer. Abdullah was their only child and the youngest of three other children. Abdullah was only six months old when his mother died. Her father was super protective of her. He liked to have Abdullah with him in his spare time. Demonstrations of this connection are often seen in his writings as well.bagh novel by abdullah hussain


Abdullah Hussain rose to fame with his novel Udasi Nasaldas, he was awarded the Adamji Literary Award for this first novel. Udasi Naslain is considered a landmark in Urdu literature. [By whom?] It is the story of an ordinary man who rises to the limelight through marriage, but cannot cope and eventually returns.bagh novel by abdullah hussain

He also wrote Bagh ا in 1982, which mainly deals with the independence of Kashmir. The tiger (lion) is a symbol of fear for all. His 1989 novel ‘Qaid’ (Jail) is the story of the murder of a child in Karachi. ‘Raat’ published in 1994 was also his novel of this genre. He later wrote Nadar Log in 1996 based on the 1971 war between India and Pakistan. The novel focuses on the story of Sarfaraz who enlists in East Pakistan and becomes a prisoner of war and reveals the reasons for the fall of Dhaka.

He also wrote a collection of poems by Nashaib and ‘Farab’ and a novel in English about Afghan Jihad.

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