Best Cousin Forced Marriage Novels in Urdu Pdf Download

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Cousin Force Marriage Novels is a great source of entertainment for adults and it’s also gaining popularity in different countries such as India and Pakistan. The reason behind its high popularity is that the events in it are very beautiful and realistic like in Pakistani ads and people like to watch such videos. Personally, I think that this should be common for both genders but according to society, women are not allowed to do so which is unjustified. So, if you want to read novels about Cousin Marriages Urdu Novels, then keep scrolling!

Cousin Forced Marriage Novels Cousin marriage is a practice that is common in many cultures and countries around the world. In Pakistan, cousin marriages are often arranged by families and can result in forced marriage. While there are many novels that deal with the subject of cousin marriage, there are few that explore the topic from a critical perspective. The following blog post will introduce you to some of the best novels in Urdu that deal with the realities of cousin marriage and forced marriage. 

Cousin Forced Marriage Novels Cousin marriage is a marriage where the spouses are cousins. The practice is common in many cultures, but it is controversial in some. In some areas, cousin marriage is prohibited by law.

There are many novels about cousin marriage. Some of these novels are in Urdu. Here are some of the best:

List Of Cousin Forced Marriage Novels in Urdu

Cousin Forced Marriage Novels There are many novels written on the topic of cousin marriage. Some of these novels are in Urdu and some are in English. Here is a list of some of the best novels on this topic:

1. Mere Harjai By Hamna Tanveer

Best Cousin Forced Marriage Novels in Urdu Pdf Download

2. Kanch Ki Choriyan By Zoya Majeed Ch /Cousin Forced Marriage Novels

Best Cousin Forced Marriage Novels in Urdu Pdf Download

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3.Yeh khail qismat ke by Fareeha Chaudhary / Cousin Forced Marriage Novels

Best Cousin Forced Marriage Novels in Urdu Pdf Download

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4.Koi Hum Sa Kahan By Shagufta Kanwal / Cousin Forced Marriage Novels

Best Cousin Forced Marriage Novels in Urdu Pdf Download

Best Cousin Forced Marriage Novels in Urdu Pdf Download The Koi Hum Sa Kahan novel is now available in pdf form. You can download it here and read it online, too.
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5.Dehshat E Maat By Raania Saddique / Cousin Forced Marriage Novels

6.Chalo Aao Qasam Toren Iqrar Karen By Hina Malik /Cousin Forced Marriage Novels

7.Bisat E Khwab By Wajeeha Bukhari / Cousin Forced Marriage Novels

8.Be Dagh By Nabila Aziz

9.Bas Tu Hi Piya By Amreen Riaz

10.Aseer E Ishq By Madiha Saeed

11.Angan Mein Utray Chand By Maryam Sajid

12.Andheri Raat Mein Jugnoo By Farzana Gilani

13.Alam E Wajad By Arain Sisters

14.Aitbar Honay Tak By Fatima Khan

15.Ab Teri Talab Nahi By Areesha Ghazal

16.Dayar E Subah Ke Ujalon Main By Nayab Jelani

17.Ziddi Junoon By Naina Khan

18. Zard Zamanon Ka Sawera By Nabila Abar Raja

19.Yeh Ishq By Hamna Tanveer

20.Yeh Andaz Ahel E Wafa Kay By Jiya Qureshi

Cousin marriage in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the few countries where cousin marriages are actively encouraged. In fact, according to a recent study, over 60% of all marriages in Pakistan are between first cousins. This practice is most common in rural areas, where families often marry their daughters off to their cousins in order to keep property and wealth within the family.

While some people argue that cousin marriages can help strengthen family bonds, others say that this practice can lead to genetic defects and health problems for the children of these unions. There is also concern that cousin marriages may contribute to the spread of harmful genetic diseases within Pakistan’s population.

Whatever your opinion on cousin marriage may be, there’s no denying that it is an important part of Pakistani culture. If you’re interested in learning more about this topic, check out some of the best novels about forced cousin marriages in Pakistan:

The Girl with No Past by Leila Abbasi

This novel tells the story of a young woman who is forced to marry her first cousin. She eventually decides to run away from her home and starts a new life in another city. However, her past comes back to haunt her when her husband tracks her down and forces her to return home.

Aisha by Bano Qudsia

This novel follows the story of a girl who rebels against her parents’ wishes and refuses to marry her first cousin. She ends up eloping with another man and has to face the consequences of her actions.

Why is cousin marriage considered taboo in the West?

There are a few reasons why cousin marriage is considered taboo in the West. First, it is seen as incestuous. Second, there is a fear that genetic defects will be passed down to the children of cousins who marry. Finally, in the past, cousin marriage was often used to keep property within a family.


If you’re looking for a good read and want to learn more about cousin marriage, then we suggest checking out some of the best novels on the topic. These books offer an insight into the culture and customs around forced marriages, and how they can affect those involved. Download them today and see for yourself why they’re some of the most popular reads in Urdu.

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