Don’t Be Sad Book In Urdu Pdf Gham Na Karain by Dr Aaiz Al Qarni

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Gham Na Karain approach Don`t Be Sad that is an Urdu translation of well-known Arabic ee-e book written via way of means of Dr Aaiz Al Qarni and translated into the Urdu language via way of means of Gatreef Shehbaz Nadvi. Don’t be Sad is an vital ee-e book for all. It is complete right all the way down to earth recommend to a way to repulse lose desire and supplant it with even minded and ultimately gratifying Islamic factor of view. It opens to the slicing aspect peruser how Islam trains us to control the exams and tribulations of this world. This is an Urdu interpretation of los angeles tahzan, which has was a success withinside the Arabic world. An brilliant ee-e book so as to keep your hand to get away problems and dejections. Now PDF record at the give up of the post.
Dr Mohammad Ghitreef (Shahbaz Nadwi), a flexible Islamic scholar, Madrasa alumnus, editor, creator and director of Foundation for Islamic Studies in a communication with Mushtaq Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander on his early life, madrasa studentship, Islam, Ijtihad, terrorism and want for reforms in Madrasas

Don't Be Sad Book In Urdu
Don't Be Sad Book In Urdu

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