Former Prime Minister Imran Khan criticizes Asif Zardari

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The rains have once again exposed the 14-year corrupt rule of the Zardari family in Sindh, Imran Khan said

ISLAMABAD: Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has turned his sarcastic guns on PPP leaders, with the PTI chairman saying that the rains have once again brought Zardari and his family to 14 years of corrupt rule in Sindh. Has been exposed. This is a great example of how corruption destroys governance. Imran Khan said on the social networking website Twitter that the money given to Karachi ended up in fake accounts and was invested in Dubai properties.

It should be noted that the first chairman of PTI Imran Khan had said that the meeting in Alipur was held on a large scale in difficult circumstances. As long as the excitement of the election is even greater than what was seen in the 2018 general election.

“I want to thank all those who are coming out to show their support for our rain rallies in Punjab,” Imran Khan said on a social networking site.

Addressing the gathering yesterday, Imran Khan said that ghee and flour would be expensive. The former prime minister said that after being imported by the government, the price was increased by Rs 100 at every price, it increased even more than Fazlur Rehman, gas prices increased by 45%, ghee and flour agreement became more expensive. “We don’t want a war, the United States doesn’t like an independent foreign policy, if you want an illegal policy that demands the protection of the reconciliation of our people,” he said. Peace be upon you But in war you

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