Hathyar Kyun Dale by Waseem Shaikh Pdf

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Hathyar Kyun Dale

Book Name: Hathyar Kyun Dale

Writer: Waseem Shaikh

Waseem Shaikh is the author of the book Hathyar Kyun Dale Pdf. The writer wrote the history of the East Pakistan disaster from the rest of Pakistan. After Pakistan’s independence, there were several problems that a newborn country faced after its creation. Rehabilitation, immigration, water problems and many other issues accompanied the new government on the world map.

Hathyar Kyun Dale Pdf book is Waseem Shaikh’s masterpiece. He wrote this booklet an in-depth analysis of the East Pakistan separation and controversies, which gave rise to Indian forces in Bangladesh. General Abdulah Niazi was the army commander in East Pakistan who handed over his weapon to Indian troops. Waseem Shaikh provides comprehensive details of the issues that facilitated Indian troops to capture the entire area. You can also read Kiraye Ka Fauji Urdu By Raymond Davis

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