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ifa practical guide book pdf

ifa practical guide book pdf:In this article, you can download Apetebi Efe Mena Aletor’s gorgeous book in pdf format. This pdf book will show you how to work with your or and orí and egbé òrun Download the entire book, including all chapters, in pdf format, with 147 pages in English.

On January 22, 2022, Amazon made the IFA Practical Guide Book available to the general public. If you want to get the IFA Practical Guide Book in pdf format, read the entire article and then click the download button to get all of the book’s chapters in pdf format.

The International Federation of Agricultural Producers (IFA) has published its first ever “Practical Guide” book. This publication provides a comprehensive overview of the current situation regarding the world food supply and how it can be improved.

Table of Contents

    IFA Practical Guide 

    Many people are hindered from connecting with their inner power by unhealthy ideologies and customs, which is why many people spend a lot of money on Ifa/Orisa initiations, sacrifices, and black magic. They still live in dread, they feel heavy and out of alignment, and it’s tough for them to live up to their true potential.

    This IFA practical guide will expand your awareness beyond the ordinary, showing you how to use your ori and egbé örun on a daily basis to attain your objectives. It will help you overcome fear, live in alignment with your Ort, overcome toxic doctrines/rituals, develop confidence, and begin to thrive as the God/Goddess that you are.

    You will succeed if you embody the wisdom in this book.

    IFA Practical Guide Book In PDF Download

    Book NameIFA Practical Guide Book
    AuthorApelebi Efe Mena Aletor
    PublisherHouse of Joseph International
    Release Date20 January 2022
    File TypePDF

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