Israel Requests Saudi Arabia to Allow Direct Flights Between Both Countrires

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Israel has requested Saudi Arabia to allow direct flights between both countries in order to improve economic and trade relations. Currently, travel between the two nations is done through third-party carriers such as Qatar Airways. The request comes following several years of strained ties caused by disagreements over Middle East peace negotiations, Iran’s nuclear program, and various conflicts in the region.

Israel Requests Saudi Arabia

Israel has mentioned Saudi Arabia to permit non-stop trips among Israel and Saudi Arabia to work with the previous’ Muslim residents, the country’s Regional Cooperation Minister, Esawi Freij, has uncovered.

Saudi Arabia has not authoritatively answered Freij’s proclamation. Notwithstanding, the advancement comes only days before US President Joe Biden’s most memorable visit to Saudi Arabia.

Israel has been requesting Saudi Arabia to allow direct flights between the two countries for some time now. This request has been made in order to improve the commercial relationship between the two countries and to strengthen the bond of friendship between the two countries. Saudi Arabia has always been hesitant to allow direct flights, largely out of concerns that it could lead to closer ties between the two countries.

Saudia Arabia has responded to Israel’s request by agreeing to allow direct flights between the two countries, but at a heightened level of security. The countries have drafted a memorandum of understanding to address these security concerns. The memorandum of understanding sets out a number of measures that will be put in place in order to ensure that the flights are safe and efficient. These measures include the coordination of airport security, the use of special detectors at the airports, flights being limited to the daylight hours, and the barring of carrying large amounts of luggage.

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