Jannat K Pattay by Nimra Ahmed Famous Urdu Novel

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Jannat K Pattay
Jannat K Pattay
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    Jannat K Pattay by Nimra Ahmed Famous Urdu Novel

    Jannat K Pattay by Nimra Ahmed Popular Urdu Novel distributed on Brazpour.com
    Jannat K Pattay is an account of Courage, Reality, Struggle and Faith which makes Novel Reader Thrilled, Fascinated and Awed. The main person Haya Salman, LLB Hons Student, a young lady who at first has established a connection of an exceptionally Modern Girl, confronted an entertaining defining moment in her life when she got a grant from a Turkish University and some body transferred her own video of a family capability on Internet. As she has a place with a Conventional Family, she reached a Cybercrime Division Officer Major Ahmed yet she was bewildered that he knows her well overall. The writer has wonderfully mixed Romance, Loyalty, Care, Hospitality, Suspense Thriller and Sacrifice alongside Enmity, Wrath and Fear with a delightful and essential Message for her all perusers, that we as a whole cause a few issues in our day to day existence n to stay uninformed about them, however when Allah ta’la chooses to make us to atone n learn of our deeds, HE evaluate us based on taking the penance of our most dear thing.

    Jannat K Pattay is a famous Urdu novel by Nimra Ahmed

    Jannat K Pattay is a famous Urdu novel by Nimra Ahmed. The story revolves around the love and life of two different people- an aristocrat, Tariq Aziz, and his mistress Khadija Sharif. Despite their differences in class, they fall in love with each other. Jannat K Pattay

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    At 16 years old, Nemrah Ahmed started her composing process with a novel called Meray Khwaab Meray Jugnoo. Saans Sakin thi was the second expansion to her excursion, a story in light of a cricketer. Pahari Ka Qaidi Nemrah Ahmed found her tremendous way of composing with her Third Writing piece.
    Her Jannat Kay Pattay was delivered in Shuaa Digest in 2012. Jannat K Pattay has been one of Pakistan’s most famous books beginning around 2013.
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