Kiraye Ka Fauji Urdu By Raymond Davis Pdf

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Kiraye Ka Fauji Urdu By Raymond Davis Pdf

Book Name: Kiraye Ka Fauji Urdu

Writer: Raymond Davis

Raymond Davis was a military contractor who worked for the US Army. He spent a lot of time in Pakistan and took part in many operations. Raymond Davies wrote an English one with the title of The Contractor and brought the facts to paper. Kiraye Ka Fauji Pdf is an Urdu version of the English text.

Raymond Davis gained worldwide fame after he was involved in an incident in Lahore. He shot dead two people and tried to escape from the crime scene. Later the police arrested him and put him in jail. The US government tried to release Raymond Davis, but the Pakistani government refused to do so.

After this murder, the anger of Pakistanis erupted and they started demanding the conviction of Raymond Davis. It was a tough time for Raymond Davis. He didn’t want to get lost for money. Eventually, the Americans planned to contact the angry families and agreed to receive some money to pardon Raymond Davis. Kiraye Ka Fauji urdu Pdf book describes the complete story. Wasim Sheikh translated the book into Urdu. You can also Read Barrack 72 Ke Qaidi Novel

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