Madiat Aur Rohaniyat Urdu Book PDF by Iftikhar Ahmed Iftikhar

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Madiat Aur Rohaniyat Urdu Book PDF by Iftikhar Ahmed Iftikhar

Madiat Aur Rohaniyat Urdu Book PDF

Madiat Aur Rohaniyat Urdu Book PDF by Iftikhar Ahmed Iftikhar read online or download free from this library of Urdu books. A balance between materialism and spirituality The problem of materialism and spirituality has been facing the world from the beginning. The two were considered contradictory and the paths were taken separately. The fact that man has material needs as well as demands of his soul has been forgotten.

None of this can be ignored. Man is usually after material desires. He does not satisfy your soul. Some people seem to ignore material demands for soul satisfaction. The Quran struck a balance between the two. He called the Turkish world, or monasticism, an innovation in the world of religion. IT IS. He called her achievement within the permitted limits a reward and encouraged her. For the peace and contentment of the soul, the Quran made it necessary to have a relationship with God and obey his commandments. Is obtained.

The Quran ended the conflict between spirituality and materialism and showed the world a balanced course of action. Man is the supreme being Man was not aware of his greatness. He looked at this great factory of the world in fear and awe, regarded every particle of it as a deity or God, and before it his own Jabeen Niaz bowed. This world of existence was subjugated to him with all its vastness and resources.

He is subject to such natural laws that he continues to take advantage of them and opens the way for further use. This is just the grace of Almighty God. No one else is involved: it is God who has made the sea subservient to you, that ships may sail through it at his bidding, and seek his grace and give thanks to him. He subdued for you all that is in the heavens and on the earth. In fact, this is a sign of a thinking person.

After examining our surroundings in this universe of colors and smells, we are convinced that the effects of spirit and matter are often at work in the rise and fall of human beings. The history of the world also bears witness to the fact that most of the development and decline of nations has focused on spirituality and materialism. Let us try to find out what is the essence of spirituality on the basis of which man reaches the heights of Suraj and what is the essence of materialism that makes man fall into the abyss of humiliation and destruction.

Certainly, spirituality is the true flowering of life, from its tail is the warmth of faith and the feeling of devotion in the human body, the pinnacle of thought and consciousness, the power of research and invention, on the basis of which the believer acquaints you with the pleasures of God’s nearness. Arriving there, the observer loses himself in the light of the Lord, detaches himself from the world and the mafia, and walks along the paths of knowledge and truth. Nature seems to be showing up.

On the contrary, materialism distances human beings from the real evolution and victory of the afterlife because it makes hearts alien to the truth and dies. The concept of servitude delivers the seduction of free thought and freedom, but wants to enslave the devil to follow the psyche. The materialist relies on the means for his success. But the spiritual creator trusts the Creator of causes. He does not trust matter, but the Creator trusts soul and matter.

Undoubtedly, the current age of knowledge and consciousness is the age of research and invention and the emergence and evolution of science. They are doing it. They are trapping the sun’s rays and placing commands on the moon. But despite this apparent progress, despite providing all the comforts and conveniences, they failed to achieve true success, nor could they find a life of tranquility and tranquility. In the world of useless goods, compulsions are barely visible.

The only reason for this is that in these turbulent times, all the energies of the mind have become preoccupied and focused on material development and fulfilling the demands of the body. Only materialism began to be recognized as its master, the worst effect of which was that sedition and evil began to infiltrate minds. A dangerous cycle of selfishness, selfishness, violation of moral values ​​and the plight of humanity began.

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