Medical board confirms Dua Zehra age b/w 15 to 16 year-old

Dua Zehra

KARACHI: A report of a clinical commission shaped to decide the time of Dua Zehra , the young lady who disappeared from Karachi and later professed to have hitched Zaheer Ahmed, has been given today

Medical board confirms Dua Zehra Age

As per the report, the clinical board decided her age at 14 to 15 years keeping in view her actual appearance while not entirely set in stone through her teeth is between 13 to 15 years.

The bone hardening test has anyway uncovered her age as between 16 to 17 years.

The report inferred that after meeting between clinical specialists on different variables deciding her age, it has been concurred that the young lady is matured between 15 to 16-year-old.

The report has been endorsed by the executive and other 10 individuals from the clinical board.

Beforehand, a clinical report verified that Dua Zehra is matured between 16 to 17 years, notwithstanding, her dad dismissed it and guaranteed that she is matured 14 years, in opposition to Dua Zehra, who in her explanation before the SHC said she is 18 years of age.

Afterward, the Sindh Health Department comprised the biggest ever clinical leading body of 10 specialists, to find out the time of Dua Zehra, following a request from a Karachi preliminary court during the knowing about supposed hijacking of the young lady.

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As per the notice shared by web-based entertainment dissident and solicitor’s legal counselor Jibran Nasir, Dow Medical College Principal Prof. Saba Sohail drove the clinical board. The board additionally remembered specialists for radiology, gynecology, dentistry and crime scene investigation. For More Connect With Us

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