Mother (Maa) by Maxim Gorky Book in Urdu PDF Free Download

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Ma (Mother) book Maxim Gorky written in Urdu pdf free download. This is Urdu translation of famous mother’s book. The famous novel of progressive change and war. This pre-revolutionary Russian epic is a real work of art by Gorky, Russia’s most living author. The spirit of the Tsar’s shocking fight against dictatorship has been collected in a passionate, shocking book. In this, Russia is ahead in the wave of light. Maxim Gorky is a Soviet writer, playwright and author, the founder of social authenticity. Although referred to primarily as a writer, he was almost associated with the tumultuous progressive era of his own country. Mother, one of her most famous works, is the story of an illiterate woman’s radicalism that was later taken as a socialist realistic epic, and her great personal creation as a model for childhood. The novel is available for free download or online reading in PDF format, using our blog to get the full text PDF from the link below. You can also read Maxim Gorky’s fiction and Mansour Bukhari’s story in Urdu and Leon Trotsky’s History of the Russian Revolution. This is the Urdu translation of the famous Urdu novel by Mother Maxim Gorky. Click on below link to read online or download complete historical novel Urdu books in pdf.

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