Pharmaceutics 1 Book pdf Download For BPharm 1st Year

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    Pharmaceutics 1 Book pdf Download

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    Unit – 1

    • Historical Background and Pharmacy Career Development: History
    • Pharmacy Career in Pharmacy Education and Industry in India
    • And Organization, Occupational Pharmacy, Pharmacopeias: Introduction to IP, BP,
    • Additional USP and pharmacopeia.
    • DOS Forms: Introduction, Classification and Definitions to DOS Forms
    • Order: definition, order of parts, and order handling
    • Prescription errors.
    • Psychology: Explanation and Factors Affecting Psychology. Calculation of pediatric doses
    • Based on age, body weight, and body surface area.

    Unit – 2

    • Drug Calculation: Weight and Measures – Imperial & Metric
    • Calculations including system and percentage solutions, conflict, and proof spirit
    • Isotonic solutions based on freezing point and molecular weight.
    • Powder: Definition, Classification, Pros and Cons, Simple &
    • Mixed Dust – Official Preparations, Dust Powder, Emerging,
    • Aqueous and hygroscopic powder, eutectic mixture. Geometric magnification.
    •  Melt Dosage Forms: Advantages and Disadvantages of Liquid Dosage Forms.
    • Excipients are used in the formation of dosage liquids. Increased solubility Inventions

    Unit – 3

    • Monophasic Liquid: Definitions and Preparations for Gargles and Mouthwashes,
    • Saliva, ear drops, nasal drops, enemas, syrups, elixirs and liners
    • Lotions.Biphasic Liquid: Suspension: definition, advantages and disadvantages, classification,
    • Preparation of circumstances; Suspension and stability are flocculated and deflocated
    • Difficulties and ways to overcome it.
    •  Emulsions: Definition, Classification, Emulsifying Agent, Identification Test
    • Type of emulsion, methods of preparation and consistency and methods of problems
    • Overcome it.

    Unit – 4

    •  Suppositories: definitions, types, advantages and disadvantages, basic types,
    • Methods of preparation. Motion value and its calculations, calculated
    • Suppositories.
    • Drug incompatibilities: definition, classification, physics, chemicals
    • And treatment incompatibility with models.

    Unit – 5.

    • Semisolid Dosage Forms: Definitions, Classifications, Methods and Components
    • Drugs affect the skin penetration. Preparation of ointments, pastes and garlic
    • And gels. Excipients are used in semi-solid dosage forms. Array evaluation DOS FORM
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