Senior Journalist Sami Ibrahim Attacked in Islamabad

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Journalist Sami Ibrahim

SLAMABAD: Senior columnist and telecaster Sami Ibrahim was gone after and tormented by ‘unidentified men’ in Islamabad, ARY News covered Saturday.

Unidentified men encompassed Sami Ibrahim coming external his office in Islamabad and exposed him to torment. The broadcaster supported wounds in the assault.

He let the media know that the aggressors were driving a vehicle having a green-shaded number plate and they likewise shot the occurrence. In any case, the thought process of the assault was not yet known.

A police group has arrived at Sami Ibrahim to record his assertion.

Prior in the month, unidentified aggressors had gone after senior writer Ayaz Amir when he was returning home in Lahore.

As per subtleties, the senior writer was coming back home when six unidentified men whipped him and grabbed his wallet and cell phone. The unidentified men halted Ayaz Amir’s vehicle and begun beating the senior writer and his driver.

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