syed abul ala maududi urdu books pdf by Yousaf Banori

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syed abul ala maududi urdu books pdf

syed abul ala maududi urdu books pdf Read more about Maulana Syed Abul Ala Maududi Afkar Aur Nazariyat in this Urdu book PDF download, written by Maulana Muhammad Yousaf Banori Sahib and translated into Urdu by Molana Ahjaz Ahmed Sahib. Syed Maududi Sahib Apne Afkar Aur Nazariat ke Aeanemain. Syed Abul Ala Maududi was a Pakistani Islamic rationalist, legal scholar, writer and imam. His various works “guaranteeed various commands such as Koran analysis, hadis, law, logic, history, etc.”, written in Urdu, but in English, Arabic, Hindi, It has been translated into various languages ​​such as Bengali, Tamil, and Burmese. dialect. He sought to revive Islam and create what he understood to be “real Islam.” He believed that Islam was the basis of government affairs and that it was important to establish Shariah and save Islamic culture from what it saw as the evil shadows of secularism, patriotism and communism. Get a PDF copy of this book at the bottom of the post now.
Efforts to spread Allah’s religion to the world have always been made in some way, but the basic teachings of Islam and the true spirit of religion, that is, Islam has dominant power. Is also true. However, the task of building the state locally and eliminating all misunderstandings continued. Religion has been abused in the name of simple Islam, in the name of national repression, hegemony, and customs. However, at all ages, Wariura was born who tried to fully express the reality of Islam. One of these personalities is Syed Abu Ali Maududi (May Allah have mercy on him).
Maulana Syed Abu Ali Maududi led the Islamic movement from its birth on September 25, 1903 to 1973, for 31 years. It can’t happen, it takes collective effort to do this wonderful job. They knew well that one cannot do a great job with his own strength and resources. So you started looking for a good talented person. For this work, you had the writing weapons and magazines of the Quran translator. With the help of your writing, you have awakened the collective struggle consciousness in the reader’s mind. See how much pain is reflected in one of your sentences about this. Therefore, when a servant asks people for help in this work, it is not in short supply. But the only thing that still makes me sick of this method, on the other hand, is that national workers have lost not only their own credibility, but also the credibility of national service. On the other hand, today Muslim morals and their morals are even lower.

Syed Abul Ala Maududi

Syed Abul Ala Maududi turned into born to an aristocratic own circle of relatives in Aurangabad beneath Neath the British raj. His father in short attended the Anglo-Mohammedan Oriental College, installed through Sayyid Ahmad Khan in 1875 to sell modernist idea amongst Muslims, however turned into withdrawn through his own circle of relatives in favor of a greater conventional schooling in Allahabad (now Payara). He have become lively in a Sufi order (tariqa) and oversaw a conventional Islamic schooling at domestic for Maududi in his early childhood. Maududi started out analyzing in Islamic schools (madrasahs) on the age of 11, however a disaster withinside the own circle of relatives avoided him from finishing his schooling as a non secular scholar (Halim). In his person years he have become satisfied that Muslim thinkers have to be free of the preserve that Western civilization had over them, in favors of a code of life, culture, and political and monetary machine specific to Islam. He installed the Jamaat Islam in 1941 with the goal of effecting such reform. When Pakistan break up off from India in 1947, his efforts have been instrumental in guiding the brand new state far far from the secularism of Western governments and towards the formation of an Islamic political machine. Persistently, Maududi discovered himself in competition to the Pakistani government. He turned into imprisoned from 1948 to 1950 and once more from 1953 to 1955 and turned into beneathneath a sentence of demise for a duration in 1953.

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