Tastes of Karachi Best Foods In City Of Lights

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Tastes of Karachi

Karachi is called the city of lights. But Karachi is a city of lights as well as different civilizations. People of different nationalities, languages ​​and cultures live in Karachi. Their customs and traditions have completely changed the culture of this city. The way people of different nations have connected with each other. In the same way, the things associated with them have also become interconnected. Cultural foods have now moved from culture to become part of the whole city. Which is now called the taste of Karachi instead of a culture and the biggest thing about the taste of Karachi is the sincerity of these nations.

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    When the tastes of Karachi are mentioned, today we reveal these tastes of Karachi to you. Which are gradually becoming the identity of Karachi. Starting today, a blog series will be started which will mention various popular food items in Karachi and the places where they are available. The series name is  ” taste of karachi”


    The taste of Karachi begins with Nihari, which is the oldest and most prominent feature of Karachi. Nihari is derived from the word nihar, which means without eating and drinking. It is a breakfast item that was used for breakfast during the Mughal era. Today it is considered the first among the tastes of Karachi.

    Nihari, chopped green chillies, coriander leaves, lemon, fried onions, “bhagar”, chopped ginger and of course “Tandori roti” are added to the enjoyment of the meal. By the way, it is found in many places in Karachi. But today we will tell you about the places where the most delicious nihari is found.

    In first series of taste of karachi we will discuss about diffrent nihari spot in karachi.here are some given below

    1)Zahid Nihari

    The first option of the taste of karachi nihari series is zahid nihari.

    Zahid nihari is  Located on: Tariq Road, Burns Road, and Saddar.

    Price: Rs. 170

    Zahid Nihari is actually a restaurant which has various tastes of Karachi but you can guess from this that people know it for the specific Nihari. There are different types of Nihari along with different cuisines. People come from far away to eat them

    2)Javed Nihari

      our 2nd option for thr tastes of Karachi nihari series is javed nihari.


    Federal B Area, Block-15, Gulberg Town, Karachi 

    bahadurabad karachi. 

    You must have heard the name of Javed Nihari regarding Nihari. People come from all corners of Pakistan to eat Javed Nihari. Javed Nihari and Zahid Nihari are the only ones who are called food spots regarding Nihari. Have you ever been to Karachi? If you want to come, try Javed Nihari once

    3) Sabiri Nihari

    The third option of taste of karachi nihari series is sabiri nihari.

    After arriving from Delhi (India) 1947, Muhammad Sabir and his brother Bux Ellahi establish Sabir Restaurant from 1948. After 21 years a new branch had open in 1968 at Ganga Ram Building near Orangzeb Park M.A.Jinnah Road Karachi. They did very hard work to get this status, people gave good response and now it’s very known Nihari.

    Sabri Nihari has the honor of being the oldest Nihari restaurant in Karachi. And even today it has a special honor regarding Nihari, although it is decreasing with time, but still Sabri Nihari is known to people with its name. It is serving old tastes of Karachi to people. and even today its name is a symbol of trust in the tastes of Karachi.

    4)Malik Nihari

    The fourth option in taste of karachi nihari is malik nihari

    The nihari at Malik’s, a restaurant with a large menu, is its claim to fame.

    Their nihari is prepared using the best ingredients, the ideal combination of spices, and all the lawaazimaat.

    Malik’s also has two locations in Bahadurabad, one on Burns Road and the other on Alamgir Road, so you can enjoy their nihari anywhere is closest to you.

    Prices begin at Rs. 200.

    5) Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar khbab house:

    The fifth option of the taste of karachi nihari series is Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar khbab house

     offers its tasty nihari at two branches. One at its unique branch in the Delhi Trade Society and the other at its branch in the beautiful Port Amazing.

    They offer various nihari varieties, including Maghaz Nihari, Nalli Nihari, Plain Nihari, and Unique Nihari. They additionally have an additional sauce choice.

    6) Waheed Kabab House:

    Our sixth option of tastes of karachi nihari series is waheed kabab house

    Location  Burns Road

    Price: 200 rupees

    Burns Road is home to another Nihari venue on our list. The Waheed Hotel is famous for many things, but the Nihari is one of its specialties. It’s up to you to decide if it’s better than Maliks or not if you plan to go to Burns Road.

    Waheed, the centre of Indian cuisine on Burns Road Food Street, provides a superb spicy Nihari. Sprinkle some coriander leaves, ginger, oil, and lemon juice over it, and presto! The greatest Nihari in town is yours!

    7)Nihari Inn

    7th option of tastes of karachi nihari series is nihari inn

    Price: Rs. 270 Location: Boat Basin

    This location is the House of Nihari, as suggested by the name. It provides all varieties of nihari, such as nihari, nalli, and special nihari. The setting here is ideal for enjoying dinner with friends and family. Additionally, they provide a great selection of desserts that will make your evening wonderful and unforgettable.

    8) Mumtaz Nihari –

    Our 8th option is Nazimabad Mumtaz

     Nihari.Mumtaz Nihari Restaurant is located at Nazimabad No. 2, close to Gole Market in Karachi. Mumtaz Nihari has additionally a massive call and repute amongst foodies of Karachi. Groups of buddies even as going thru Nazimabad roads, without delay determine to prevent through and now no longer to overlook the dinner at Mumtaz Nihari. Inside the restaurant, you will be supplied with Nalli Nihari, Maghaz Nihari, Special Nihari, Simple Nihari and some more. Having nihari at Mumtaz nihari with warm naans and intermittent sips of Sprite is simply a delight.

     9) Delhi Sohail Nihari

    Our last option of tastes of Karachi nihari series is Delhi Sohail Nihari

    Block L North Nazimabad Delhi Sohail Nihari Delhi Sohail gives a delectable and right first-rate nihari to Karachiites. Especially, oldsters from North Nazimabad regularly cling out at Delhi Sohail for dinner. A little pressure from Chase at North Nazimabad (five big name chowrangi branch) might get you to this famous Nihari spot. It’s scrumptious and specific flavor of nihari pulls humans from some distance Karachi areas. Plan your subsequent dine out at Delhi Sohail Restaurant and revel in any other right meals of Karachi.

    I assure you all that none of other cities of Pakistan can beat the tastes of karachi in nihari.the city have its unique tastes.plz inform us if we forgot about any  nihari spot or we didnt visit.

    These are the places that we have put in front of you guys for our Tastes of Karachi Nihari series. You must visit these places once and let us know how you like them.

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