The Last Wish PDF Book by Andrzej Sapkowski

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The Last Wish PDF Book

Click here to Download The Last Wish PDF Book by Andrzej Sapkowski having PDF Size 2 MB and No of Pages 326.

However, this faint sound was enough to rouse the witch, or perhaps it only roused her from the half-slumber in which she trembled clumsily, as if she were walking in the unfathomable depths, suspended midway between the bottom of the sea and its calm surface of the ropes. of gently floating seaweed.

The Last Wish PDF Book by Andrzej Sapkowski

Name of BookThe Last Wish
AuthorAndrzej Sapkowski
PDF Size2 MB
No of Pages326
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     About Book – The Last Wish PDF Book Download by Andrzej Sapkowski

    He didn’t move, he didn’t flinch. The girl crawled closer to her, took off her cloak and slowly, hesitantly, put her knee on the edge of the big bed. He gazed at her across her low hips, still not betraying her arousal. The girl carefully climbed onto the covers and straddled him wrapping her hips around him.

    Leaning forward on wrinkled hands, she wiped her face clean with her chamomile-scented hair. Determined and seemingly impatient, she leaned down and touched his eyelids, cheeks, lips, and the tips of her breasts. He smiled, very slowly, gently, taking her by the shoulders, and she stretched out, escaping from her grasp.

    She shimmered, shimmered in the misty morning light. She moved, but under the pressure of both her hands, he forbade her to change position and, moving her small but determined hips, she demanded a response from her. PDF Book Download Last Love Answered. She no longer backed up into her arms; she threw her head back and winced.

    Her skin was cool and surprisingly smooth. Her eyes, glimpsed when her face came close to his, were huge and dark as the eyes of a water nymph. Rocked, he sank into a sea of chamomile as it grew agitated and seethed. Later, it was said the man came from the north, from Ropers Gate.

    He got to his feet, leading his pack horse by the bridle. It was dark and the pens of the ropers, saddlers and tanners were already closed, leaving the street empty. It was hot, but the man had a white coat draped over his shoulders. PDF Book Download Last Love He focused on himself. He stopped in front of the Old Narakort Inn, stood there for a moment, and listened to the sound of voices.

    As usual, at this point, it was crowded. The visitor did not enter Old Narakort. He led his horse down the road to another tavern, much smaller, called El Zorro. Not enjoying good names, it was almost empty. The innkeeper lifted his head above the barrel of pickled cucumbers and appraised the man with his eyes.

    The visitor, still in his coat, stood rigidly before the counter, motionless and silent. The next day, in the evening, the millwright was taken to a small room above the guardhouse provided by the witch. PDF Book Download The Last Wish It was driven by a soldier in a hooded coat. The conversation yielded nothing substantial.

    The miller was terrified; he mumbled and stuttered, and his scars told the warlock more than he did. The striga could open its jaws impressively and had extremely sharp teeth, including very long upper fangs, four of them, two on each side. His claws were sharper than a wild cat’s, but less curved.

    And it was only because of that that the miller managed to get away. Having finished his examination, Geralt nodded to the miller and the soldier, dismissing them. Download book PDF The last wish The soldier pushed the peasant through the door and lowered his hood. It was Foltest himself. Geralt looked one last time out of the palace window.

    Dusk was falling fast. Beyond the lake twinkled the distant lights of Wyzim. There was a desert around the old palace, a strip of no man’s land with which, for seven years, the city had cut itself off from this dangerous place, leaving nothing but a few ruins, rotten beams, and the remains of a breach. . jagged stockade that had obviously not been worth dismantling and moving.

    As far away as possible, at the opposite end of the settlement, the king had built his new residence. The solid tower of his new castle stood black against the horizon, against the dark blue of the sky. In one of the empty, ransacked rooms, the witch returned to the dusty table where she had been preparing, calmly and soberly.

    She knew that she had plenty of time. Striga would not leave her crypt before nightfall. On the table in front of him was a small chest of metal tools. He opened it. Inside, neatly packed on walls covered with dry grass, were small bottles of dark glass. The witch removed three.

    He picked up an oblong bundle wrapped in thick sheepskins and tied with a leather strap from the floor. She unwrapped it and produced a sword with an elaborate hilt, in a shiny black sheath covered with rows of runic signs and symbols. PDF Book The last wish she unsheathed the blade, which lit up with a pure shine like that of a mirror.

    It was pure silver. Geralt whispered an incantation and drank, one after another, the contents of two vials, placing his left hand on the blade of the sword after each sip. Then, wrapping himself tightly in his black coat, he sat down on the ground. There were no chairs in the chamber, nor in the rest of the palace.

    He sat motionless, his eyes closed. His breathing, at first regular, suddenly quickened, became harsh and strained. PDF Book The Last Wish And then he stopped completely. The mixture that helped the warlock gain full control of his body was mainly composed of veratrum, stramonium, hawthorn and spurge. The other ingredients had no name in any human language.

    For anyone who wasn’t there, like Geralt, used to it since childhood, it would have been a lethal poison. PDF Book The Last Wish The witcher turned his head sharply. In the silence, his hearing, sharpened beyond measure, easily detected the whisper of footsteps in the nettle-strewn courtyard. It couldn’t be the striga.

    The stairs were very small. Geralt flung his sword behind his back, hid his group in the ruined hearth and, silent as a monkey, crouched down. There was still enough light in the courtyard for the approaching man to see the witch’s attention. The man, Ostrit, jerked back; an involuntary smile of horror and disgust parted her lips.

    The witch smiled mischievously, she knew what he was like. After drinking a mixture of banewart, monk’s hood, and eyebright, his face turns the color of chalk, and the students fill in the entire iris. But this mix allows one to see into the deepest darkness, and that is what Geralt wanted.

    Ostrit did not hear the scrape of the tomb lid as she was pushed away from it, but the witch did. The last wish PDF she Leaned down and, with his sword, cut the rich man’s ropes. Ostrit did not wait for the word. He jumped, dazed, fell sharply and ran. Her eyes had adjusted to enough darkness that he could see her way from the main hall to the exit.

    The panel blocking the entrance to the crypt opened and fell to the ground with a thud. Geralt, cautiously behind the stairs, saw the jagged shape of a Striga running quickly and unmistakably in the direction of Ostrit’s receding feet. Not much noise comes out of the striga.

    Terrible, trembling, wailing screams pierced the night, rattled the old walls and continued up and down, trembling. The mage couldn’t tell how far away he was, his keen hearing deceiving him, but he knew the striga was quickly catching up with Ostrit. Very quickly.

    He entered the middle of the room, stopping just at the entrance to the crypt. He threw off his coat, shrugged, adjusted the position of his sword, and put on his gloves. He still had a moment. He knew that the striga, though it fed long after the last full moon, would not immediately dispose of Ostrit’s corpse.

    The heart and liver were, for her, valuable reserves of nutrition for the long periods spent in lethargic sleep. The witcher waited. By his count, there were about three hours left until dawn. The cock’s crow could only mislead him. The Last Wish PDF Besides, there were probably no cocks in the neighborhood. He heard her.

    She was trudging slowly, shuffling along the floor. And then he saw her. The description had been accurate. The disproportionately large head set on a short neck was surrounded by a tangled, curly halo of reddish hair. Her eyes shone in the darkness like an animal’s. The striga stood motionless, her gaze fixed on Geralt.

    Suddenly she opened her jaws—as if proud of her rows of pointed white teeth— then snapped them shut with a crack like a chest being closed. And leapt, slashing at the witcher with her bloodied claws. Geralt jumped to the side, spun a swift pirouette. The striga rubbed against him, also spun around, slicing through the air with her talons.

    She didn’t lose her balance and attacked anew, mid-spin, gnashing her teeth fractions of an inch from Geralt’s chest. The Rivian jumped away, changing the direction of his spin with a fluttering pirouette to confuse the striga. As he leapt away he dealt a hard blow to the side of her head with the silver spikes studding the knuckles of his gauntlet.

    The striga roared horribly, filling the palace with a booming echo, fell to the ground, froze and started to howl hollowly and furiously. The witcher smiled maliciously. His first attempt, as he had hoped, had gone well. Silver was fatal to the striga, as it was for most monsters brought into existence through magic.

    So there was a chance: the beast was like the others, and that boded well for lifting the spell, while the silver sword would, as a last resort, assure his life. The striga was in no hurry with her next attack. She approached slowly, baring her fangs, dribbling repulsively. Geralt backed away and, carefully placing his feet, traced a semi-circle.

    By slowing and quickening his movements he distracted the striga, making it difficult for her to leap. As he walked, the witcher unwound a long, strong silver chain, weighted at the end. The Last Wish PDF The moment the striga tensed and leapt the chain whistled through the air and, coiling like a snake, twined itself around the monster’s shoulders, neck and head.

    The striga’s jump became a tumble, and she let out an ear piercing whistle. She thrashed around on the floor, howling horribly with fury or from the burning pain inflicted by the despised metal. She came to him toward morning. She entered very carefully, moving silently, floating through the chamber like a phantom; the only sound was that of her mantle brushing her naked skin.

    About  Andrzej Sapkowski

    Andrzej Sapkowski, born 21 June 1948 in Łódź, is a Polish fantasy writer. Sapkowski studied economics and, before turning to writing, he worked as a senior sales representative for a foreign trade company. His first short story, “The Witcher” (“Wiedźmin”), was published in Fantastyka, Poland’s leading fantasy literary magazine, in 1986 and was enormously successful both with readers and critics. Sapkowski has created a series of tales based on the world of “The Witcher”, comprising three collections of short stories and five novels. This cycle and his many other works made him one of the best-known fantasy authors in Poland in the 1990s.

    The main character of the stories is witcher Geralt, a mutant assassin who has been trained since childhood to hunt down and destroy monsters. Geralt exists in a morally ambiguous universe, yet manages to maintain his own coherent code of ethics. At the same time cynical and noble, Geralt has been compared to Raymond Chandler’s signature character Philip Marlowe. The world in which these adventures take place owes much to J.R.R. Tolkien, while being also heavily influenced by Polish history and Slavic mythology.

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