The Richest Man in Babylon PDF Written 1 Best Book by George Samuel Clason

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the richest man in babylon pdf

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Bansir, who built the chariot of Babylon, was in complete despondency. From his place on the lower wall around his estate, he looked sadly at his simple house and open workshop, in which stood an unfinished chariot. The wife often appeared at the open door. Her sharp glance in his direction reminded her that the bag of food was almost empty and that she needed to dismantle the chariot, hammer and carve, polish and paint, stretch the leather on the wheel rims, prepare it for delivery. he can collect. From your wealthy client. However, his strong, muscular body stood motionless against the wall. the richest man in babylon pdf

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    The Richest Man in Babylon PDF Book by George Samuel Clason

    Name of BookThe Richest Man in Babylon
    AuthorGeorge Samuel Clason
    PDF Size1 MB
    No of Pages191

    About Book – The Richest Man in Babylon PDF Book Download by George Samuel Clason

    Such were the shekels I accidentally gave to the beggars; And whatever I bought for my wife, and whatever I bought for myself, they were; There were gold coins that made me feel safe in the future and I was not afraid to spend silver. I had a wonderful sense of satisfaction! You may not know me by your hardworking friend. The woman wouldn’t even know, so her face was wrinkle-free and gleaming with joy.

    Besides, I will share this with them as well. I beg you, what would be out of your purse, unless you are busy in that store, but take two modest shekels and lend them to me tonight after the 1st noble feast. You won’t miss them when they come back. The richest man in Babylon, Bansir, replied sadly: “If I have two shekels of silver, I cannot lend anyone – not even you, my best friend, who will be my destiny – all my wealth. No. one lends all his wealth, not even his best friend. “What? Koby asked in real surprise. “You don’t have a single shekel in your wallet, what a statue you are sitting on the wall! Why don’t you finish this cart? What else can you give your healthy appetite for? You don’t like it, my friend. Where is your infinite strength? to offend something? Are the gods causing you trouble?” “It must be torture for the gods,” Bansir agreed. “It all started with a dream, a faint dream, in which I thought I was a rich man. Hanging on my belt is a nice bag, heavy, with money.

    She was the smiling girl of our early days again. “” A really pleasant dream, “Kobe remarked,” but why allow such pleasant feelings to turn you into a misty statue on the wall? “The richest man in Babylon. Download the PDF book “Well, really! Because when I woke up and remembered how empty my bag was, I felt rebellious. Let’s talk about this together, because, as sailors would say, well, we ride in the same boat, both of us. In our youth, we went to the priest to learn wisdom. As young men, we shared pleasures with each other.

    Growing up, we were always close friends. We are satisfied with our type of item. We are happy to work long hours and spend our earnings freely. We have earned a lot of coins in the past years, but in order to realize the happiness we get from wealth, we have to dream of them. Flow! Are we more than stupid sheep? We live in the richest city in the world.

    Passengers say that no one is equal to her in money. We have many depictions of wealth about us, but we have none of that. After half a lifetime of hard work, my best friend, you have an empty purse and you tell me, ‘Can I borrow such a small sum as two shekels until tonight’s Nobleman’s Feast?’ So, what should I answer? Do I say, ‘Here is my purse; Will I be happy to share its contents? ”No, I agree that my purse is as empty as yours.

    What is it? The richest man in Babylon PDF book Why can’t we get silver and gold – more than enough for food and clothes? “Consider our sons, too,” Bansir continued, “don’t they follow in their father’s footsteps? Should they and their families and their sons and the families of their sons live their whole lives in the middle of such a treasure trove of gold, and yet, like us, be content to enjoy sour goat’s milk and porridge? ,

    “In all the years of our friendship, you have never spoken like this before, Bansire. Kobe was surprised. “I have never thought about it before in all those years. From dawn until the darkness stopped me, I tried to build the best chariot that any man can build, humbly hoping that one day the gods will recognize my worthy deeds and bring me great prosperity. He never did that. In the end, I realized that he would never do that. So the mind is sad. I want to be a man of means.

    I want to have land and cattle, good clothes and coins in my wallet. I am ready to work for these things with all my strength in my back, with all the skill in my hands, with all the finesse in my mind, but I want my work to be justly rewarded. The richest man in Babylon PDF book What is wrong with us? I’m asking you again! Why can’t we get our share of the good things that those who have gold can buy from them? ”“ Can I know the answer! ”Kobe replied.

    “There’s no one better than you that I’m happy. My song quickly ran out of money. I often have to plan and plan so that my family doesn’t get hungry. Also, there’s a deep in my chest for a great song that I can really sing notes of music that they come to mind. Could I make music with such an instrument so much better than the king had ever heard before? “

    “You must have such a song. No man in all of Babylon could sing it more melodically; he could sing so sweetly that not only the king but the gods themselves were pleased. But when we are both poor as the king’s slaves, Then why do you keep him “Hear the bell! They’ve arrived.” The richest man in Babylon PDF Book pointed to a long column of half-naked, sweaty aquifers, working hard across a narrow strip by the river. The five marched forward as they walked, each leaning under the heavy goat skin in the water.

    “A beautiful figure of a man, the one who leads them. Kobe signaled to the bearer of the bell who was walking in front without weights. “A prominent man in his country,” it is easy to see: “” There are many good people in the series, “Bansir agreed,” good people like us. Tall, white people from the north, laughing blacks from the south, Gray people from nearby countries All move together from the river to the garden, back and forth, day after day, year after year. There is no lack of joy that we rejoice in.

    Sleeping straw beds – hard cereal porridge. Have mercy on the poor animals, Kobe! “I feel sorry for them. Still, you show me how small, free people we are, whatever our name is. ”“ This

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    He must have desire before achievement. Your desires should be strong and definite. “Normal desires are just weak desires. If a person only wants to become rich, then it will be of no use to him. But the person who has the desire to earn 5000, his desire is certain and he can fulfill it.

    When he will use the power of goal to achieve it and become successful, next time he can use the same methods to earn 10000. Then for 20000 and later for one lakh. And soon he will become rich. By learning to fulfill a certain small desire of his, he has been trained to fulfill a big wish. the richest man in babylon pdf Wealth is acquired by this process: first, a small amount, then a larger amount, until a person learns and becomes more capable. The more knowledge we have, the more we can earn. The person who tries to achieve more mastery in his art gets good rewards. If he is an artisan, he can learn from the person most qualified in his profession. If he works hard in the field of law or remedy, he can consult or seek advice from the rest of his profession. If he is a businessman, he can constantly look for good things that can be bought at low prices. the richest man in babylon pdf

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    Take only nine of the ten coins out of your purse. When you spend only 90% of your income, your wallet will soon start to get fat. I started the same way. Before, my wallet was always empty and I swore at it because there was no money to satisfy my desires. But when I put ten coins in my purse and only nine coins started to fall out of it, it started to fill up. Following this method, your wallet will also be full and you will learn how to save.

    Arcadea says that if you put ten eggs in porridge every morning and 9 eggs come out of it every night, then what will happen after a while – it is obvious that the porridge will be completely filled and the same rule applies to your savings.

    Cost Control

    the richest man in babylon pdf Arcade said our core spending will always increase in proportion to our revenue if we don’t try to stop it. Don’t lose sight of the difference between what you need and what you want. Your income and your family’s desires are much higher than what you can satisfy. To satisfy these desires, incomes are lower and many desires remain unfulfilled. the richest man in babylon pdf

    the richest man in babylon pdf Think carefully about your lifestyle and spending habits. In doing so, you are required to bear some such costs that may be reduced or eliminated. Set a goal to get 100% satisfaction for any currency you spend. So write down the things you want to spend. Choose only the essentials. In addition, choose only those things that are possible in ninety percent of your income. Anything else, accept as part of your boundless desires that will not be fulfilled. Then budget for the necessary expenses.

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