Why I love Pakistan Essay With Quotations

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Why I love Pakistan Essay With Quotations

A personal essay about why someone loves Pakistan, with quotes from the author.

Why I love Pakistan Essay With Quotations (Essay on Why I love Pakistan with Quotes for Class 10, Class 12, Graduation and Other Classes.) Essay on Why I Love Pakistan is good but you shouldn’t miss My Hobby Essay as well. Essay on Why I love Pakistan with Quotations is for the students preparing this Essay for Exams.

You can write the same material if the Essay topic is, Essay on Why I love my Country, Patriotism Essay, Why I Love My Country Essay and Why I Love Pakistan essay. In this essay, the student will discuss the reasons for loving his country, the problems of the country and solutions as well. The Essay is as under:-

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In the end, I should say that I love Pakistan because it is fountain of my life, safety and honour. To have no lover for it means to have no love for my own self. I love Pakistan with my heart and soul. This love is not merely a show piece. It is deep rooted as my ancestors got this land in exchange of sweat and blood. Homeland is not just a piece of land instead it is a hope for my nation. It is my homeland and motherland as it is the land of my ancestors. Every inch of this land is scented with sacrifices of my elders. Their bones are buried in this land. Pakistan is my past, my present and future.

A compilation of reasons why someone loves Pakistan, including quotes from the author.

(Essay on Why I love Pakistan with Quotes for Class 10, Class 12, Graduation and Other Classes.) Every Pakistani heart is filled with true patriotism. This is all about the Why I Love Pakistan Essay / Speech and down we are going to share some quotes of the well-known person too. This essay why I love Pakistan is prepared specifically for the intermediate part-II students and for all the learners. It covers quotations and all aspects on the topic of why I love Pakistan.

ENGLISH Essay Why I Love Pakistan Essay With Quotations | For All Classes We love our country Pakistan because it is the true Islamic state where we can freely offer prays five times a day without any fear. This country is growing day by day and one day this country will become the number one country in the world. One day Pakistan will become progress by leaps and bound. Why I Love Pakistan essay quotations for 2nd year is given on this site and you can get other essays for your annual exams through this site. This is the best place for easy essays which you can freely download and can use for your annual exams in Pakistan

Why I Love Pakistan Essay / Speech With Quotes:

Pakistan is my home as this is my own country. On the map of the world, this country Pakistan came into existence in the year 1947, and to get this free land Muslims have given many sacrifices.

This is a history of the world that no other nation or country has achieved their target and such importance as Pakistan gets in a short span of time and a short period of struggle but this struggle needs many sacrifices and the Muslims of the sub-continent never step back even sacrificing their own lives. The question here is why I love Pakistan then I did not love my country as this is a Muslim country but because this is the country where we live freely and can perform my prayers to ALLAH almighty without any hesitation or terror. This country has given me an identity as a citizen of the Independent Islamic State of the world. In the purpose of getting Pakistan for the Muslims of the subcontinent, the main purpose is to get a separate identity to feel secure. A country where all the Muslims could spend their life according to the teaching of Allah and the Holy Prophet Sunnah. This feels pride for me that I open my eyes in a Muslim country where all the rules and regulation of the state is according to Islam.

I like to see people who are proud of where he lives. His place is proud of him because I like to see him alive. -(Abraham Lincoln)

Patriotism is the devoted love, support and defense of your country. It is a bond with my homeland. This connection can be seen in terms of various characteristics of the hometown, including cultural, political and historical aspects. Certainly, people become emotionally obsessed with where they live. So it’s a natural passion. I also love my country. I am proud of Pakistan. Its history, culture, and brave people. It is my beloved country and my homeland.

“Men love their country, not because it’s wonderful, but because it’s their country.”-(Seneca)

I love my country Pakistan because of its ideology. It was founded on the basis of ideology. Pakistan is the fortress and center of the Islamic world. We achieved it in the name of Islam, allowing us to carry out our religious obligations at will. As an Islamic state, its constitution is entirely based on Islamic principles. It is a state in which we are free to shape our destiny. Here you are free in the fields of politics, society, religion and education. It is a place where we feel safe and live according to our religious principles.

“Human land is not a clear area of ​​land, mountains, rivers, forests, but it is a principle, and patriotism is loyalty to that principle.” – (George William Curtis)

I am proud of the employees whose personality and achievements have inspired people all over the world. It is the land where our hero, our leader, Qauid-e-Azam, lived.

“The country is revealed not only by the people it produces, but also by the people it respects and the people it remembers.”-(John Fitzgerald Kennedy)

My country is full of beautiful natural landscapes. It is a land of mighty mountains, fast-flowing rivers, beautiful valleys, stunning landscapes, lush fields and trees. The incredibly beautiful scenery of Karam, Naran, Khagan, Sawat and Kashmir surprises visitors. Tourists cannot help but admire the breathtaking beauty of these places.
But as true patriots, we need to get rid of the evil that pollutes the land we love. The need for time is to get rid of corruption, wealth inequality, unemployment, poverty, smuggling, illiteracy and terrorism from our country. We must promote justice and fundamental election reforms to make our country very strong, strong, united and formidable.

“He loves his country the most and strives to do his best.”-(Robert G. Ingersol)

I love my country and would like to see Pakistan as a truly ideal Islamic State. For this, we all need to work individually. We must positively change our personality. I want to shape Pakistan that inspires all nations. I hope my country is free, fearless, more united and prosperous. I have devoted myself to his prosperity and welfare. I am determined to spread the Pakistani ideology to my friends and acquaintances. May my efforts bear fruit and make Pakistan a leap forward.

Pakistan National Anthem 

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